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PERFORMANCE PHYSICAL THERAPY: Accelerated Recovery, Uninterrupted Training

Fast pain relief to keep your TRANSFORMATION journey on track

Male physical therapy patient receiving myofascial decompression cupping treatment
Physical therapist performing Gaston instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization technique
Pneumatic compression normatech therabody device
physical therapy performing massage and soft tissue mobilization manual therapy technique on female client




Performance Physical Therapy isn't just about rehabilitation – it's about momentum. We understand that pausing isn't always an option. That's why our approach focuses on swift, effective treatments, designed to alleviate pain and swiftly get you back to your training regimen. Our evidence-based techniques ensure you don't lose ground while recovering, and, more importantly, they position you to surge ahead stronger than before. When injuries happen, don't let them derail your progress. With Performance Physical Therapy, bridge the gap between injury and improvement, and continue on your relentless pursuit of excellence.



Relief Pain

  • Personal Pain Assessment to identify pain points and reduce them immediately.

  • Pneumatic compression therapy for lymphatic drainage and enhanced recovery.

  • Infrared red light therapy to reduce inflammation and promote healing.

  • Manual therapy or sports massage for deep tissue rejuvenation.

  • Joint Manipulation to help reset your joints to their normal position.

  • Electrical Simulation to reduce muscle tone and improve blood flow.

Fix The Root Cause

  • In-depth Body Mechanic Analysis to uncover the underlying movement error.

  • Targeted corrective exercises to correct imbalances and enhance muscle function.

  • Guided movement training to relearn optimal ways to move, lift, and exercise

  • Strengthen stabilizer muscles to help support joints and ligaments and build thicker tendons and ligaments.

  • Tailored mobility routine to improve flexibility and posture.

Future Injury Prevention

  • Education on body mechanics to continue training pain free.

  • Strength and conditioning plan to build a resilient body that can resist injuries.

  • Regular manual therapy tune-up to maintain peak physical condition.

  • Seamless transition back to training, so you can train stronger, faster, and more confident than ever.



Initial Evaluation

$ 199

Per Session


Full Body Assessment

1-on-1 Rehabilitation session with an experienced medical and fitness professional

Posture and Movement Screening

Corrective Exercise

Hands on Manual Therapy

Home Exercise Program

Other modalities to help you heal faster:

Infrared Red Light Therapy, Compression Therapy, Cupping, IASTM (Graston), Blood flow restriction technique.

Single Session Follow Up

$ 170

Per Session


1-on-1 Rehabilitation session with an experienced medical and fitness professional

Corrective Exercise

Home Exercise Program

Post-Op or Return to activity protocol

Unlimited support through messages

Other modalities to help you heal faster:

Infrared Red Light Therapy, Compression Therapy, Cupping, IASTM (Graston), Blood flow restriction technique.



Male physical therapy client at the beach with his sister

Brennan K.

"I cannot emphasize enough the amount of professionalism within NEO Performance Lab. Their dedication to your goals surpasses your own, and they'll help you accomplish things that might seem unattainable. Training sessions can be unbearable/uncomfortable with the wrong people; but each week I was excited to attend therapy with Kelvin and achieve new progress."

Female physical therapy client at home

Sarah R.

“I worked with Kelvin for a few months for help with pain while lifting overhead. I'm a crossfitter/Olympic weightlifter who also sits at a desk all day for work. Kelvin has an in-depth knowledge of the movements of these sports and what mobility is required. He treated me like an athlete, giving me sport-specific exercises that not only reduced my pain but improved my overall mobility and performance. I can't recommend him enough!”


Denise B.

“I was having really bad pelvic pain early in my pregnancy. I tried the interventions provided by my MD and had no improvement. I then sought out help from Emmanuel and Dr. Lee, and Neo Performance Lab is unlike any other physical therapy clinics. Dr. Lee is very thorough in his assessments and designs a program to your specific needs. Emmanuel and Dr. Lee helped me follow an exercise program that helped minimize the pelvic pain. Dr. Lee and Emmanuel are so knowledgeable in their field, explaining the concepts and proper mechanics. They keep the sessions light and entertaining, while ensuring you get the work in.

Glad to say the pelvic girdle pain did not last after starting work with NEO Performance Lab. Highly recommend.”

Female physical therapy client headshot outside

Laice O.

“I have been seeing Kelvin for over two years now. I see him twice a week. Initially for a torn labrum in my hip, but he has also helped me with cervical instability and a number of other injuries in my hips, knees, ankles, neck, back, and shoulders. I cannot recommend him enough. I have EDS and he has been incredible at working within my limitations. I really respect his constant thirst for knowledge and growth within his field. He has changed my life. I injure so easily and he has worked WITH me to set my own personal limitations to avoid new injuries and manage existing ones. I have had HORRIBLE experiences with physical therapy in the past and he has changed that for me. Finally a doctor who is not in it for the money. He truly wants to help. He listens, he validates, and if something isn't working he figures out WHY and problem solves. He is not afraid to say if he doesn't know something and he will research and study until he does. If you are looking for someone who is hands on and passionate about their work- this is the place for you.”

Happy Male physical therapy client holding a tray of food

John K.

“Dr. Kelvin Lee is a genius! I've had many therapists over many years and he is by far the best... completely beyond compare. I live with chronic extreme pain and he continues to help lessen it and increase my overall mobility. Above his skills, he is also a wonderful, kind, funny, caring, and great to be with. I am truly blessed to have him and cannot recommend NEO PT any higher.”

Do you take my insurance?

Not directly. We are out of network providers for all insurance plans, the reason being your insurance company simply will not pay for all the different treatments we do here to ensure you heal quickly and get back even stronger.

However, your insurance may reimburse you with a check for the out of pocket costs for your treatment depending on your PPO plan, and we can provide you with all the paperwork necessary to get reimbursed.

Note: Clients are responsible for ALL treatment costs and we are not responsible for submitting your claims for you.

Do you take FSA or HSA?

Yes! We accept all FSA and HSA plans for your physical therapy needs.

How many sessions of physical therapy do I need?

That will depend on the severity of your condition and we would need to evaluate you to find out. Don't worry, our goal is to get you out of here with as few sessions as possible, so you can tell your friends and family what a great job we did!

Why would I pay for physical therapy out of pocket when I can go to another clinic?

Great question. At NEO Performance Lab we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of care that our competitors just can't beat, and for that reason you pay for the quality.

1) Most insurance physical therapy clinics have a multi month long waitlist, and that's after waiting weeks to months to see your primary care doctor for a referral. At NEO Performance Lab, we can get you treated before you can even see your doctor.

2) Most insurance physical therapy clinics will have you work with a physical therapy aides to maximize profit. These aides are NOT licensed professionals and they do not have the proper formal education to provide you with the high level medical care you deserve. At NEO Performance Lab you will only be working with qualified and licensed medical professionals and our Doctors of physical therapy.

3) All our of clinicians are highly specialized in their field, with years of continued education, certifications, and on field experience which you will not get at other clinics. We bring the pro athlete physical therapy treatment straight to you.


Rooted in expertise and fueled by a passion for holistic wellness, NEO Performance Lab was founded to redefine the fitness landscape. With a team steeped in both medical and fitness backgrounds, we're uniquely positioned to offer services that are both effective and safe. We're more than just a gym; we're a community. And we're committed to making every member feel like a part of our family.


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