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At NEO Performance Lab, we're not just trainers - we're transformation specialists. Every member of our team is handpicked for their expertise, dedication, and passion for helping our clients achieve their pinnacle of fitness. Let's introduce you to the minds (and muscles) that are here to guide you on this life-changing journey.

Dr. Kelvin Lee, DPT, CSCS

Specialties: Injury Rehabilitation, Strength Training, Bodybuilding, Advanced Body Mechanics, Sports Nutrition Planning

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When it comes to understanding the human body and its potential, few match the expertise and passion of Dr. Kelvin.

With over 12 years in the fitness industry, Dr. Kelvin has established a reputation as a powerhouse of knowledge and technique.

A seasoned expert in strength training, powerlifting, and bodybuilding, Dr. Kelvin knows the ins and outs of building muscle, shredding fat, and developing raw power. His dedication to the craft is evident in the results he has achieved both for himself and countless clients.

His expertise as a certified strength and conditioning specialist gives his clients the edge, from helping competitive athletes break new records to aiding beginners in unlocking their latent potential, he has done it all.

But there's more to this fitness maestro than just lifting heavy. He possess an intricate understanding of advanced body mechanics, ensuring that every movement, every lift, and every stretch is optimized for maximum efficiency and safety.

Nutrition? He's got you covered there too. As a certified sports nutritionist, Dr. Kelvin believes that diet is the cornerstone of any fitness journey. Crafting detailed, personalized meal strategies, he ensures every client's plate becomes a strategic partner in their fitness journey, fueling workouts and aiding recovery.

Beyond the certifications and accolades, Dr. Kelvin's true strength lies in his unwavering dedication to clients. They’re not just here to instruct but to inspire, challenge, and transform. Your goals become his goals, and with his guidance, you're not just reaching them – you're surpassing them.

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

  • Renaissance Periodization Certified Nutritionist

  • IASTM Practitioner

  • Blood Flow Restriction Certified

  • Advanced Bio Mechanics Certified

  • Myofascial Decompression Certified

  • Pre-Script Coach L1

  • Pre-Script Barbell Coach

  • Applied Functional Science Certified

  • Functional Range Conditioning Certified

  • Spinal Manipulation Certified

  • Postural Reeducation Institute

  • Orthopedic Manual Therapist

  • SmartTools BFR L1

Emmanuel Palayan, BS, PTA, CPT

Specialties: Youth Athletic Development, Basketball Rehabilitation, Football Training, Nutrition Planning, Sports Massage, Women's Fat Loss

male basketball player with orange basketball in hand

In the realm of fitness and rehabilitation, Manny stands out with his intricate blend of scientific knowledge and an inherent zeal for individual progress. With an academic foundation in Kinesiology from Cal State Fullerton, coupled with a specialized degree as a Physical Therapy Assistant from Concorde College, every encounter with Emmanuel is a dive into deep-rooted expertise. His skills in sports massage? It's the cherry on top, aiding in both injury prevention and that oh-so-crucial quick recovery.

Often hailed as the "basketball maestro," Manny's depth in basketball coaching is unparalleled, making him the top pick for budding hoopsters aiming to slam dunk their potential. As a specialist in Youth Athletic Development, Manny is all about tapping into the raw power and finesse of young athletes, ensuring they jump, shoot, and play at their very best.

But let's not box him into the court.

Beyond the court, Emmanuel's commitment to transformation shines. He's got this incredible way of guiding folks through their fat loss journeys, reigniting their confidence and setting them on the path to their peak potential. When Manny is coaching, you're not just sharpening your skills; you're embracing a holistic upgrade. His targeted approach to women's fat loss is second to none. He's cultivated a unique methodology that combines the latest science with genuine empathy. Through custom-tailored regimens, he champions women to shed pounds, rebuild confidence, and unlock their true potential.

Bottom line? When Emmanuel's in your corner, you're not just undergoing a physical transformation—you're starting a journey to be the best version of yourself.

  • Bachelor of Science: Kinesiology

  • Physical Therapy Assistant

  • Sports Nutrition Specialist

  • Myofascial Release Certified

  • Youth Athletic Development Certified

  • Basketball Coaching Accreditation

  • Plyometric Training Certified

  • Massage and Manual Therapy

  • FMT Certified

  • Functional Range Conditioning Certified

  • Rockblade Certified

  • Functional Movement Screen Certified


Rooted in expertise and fueled by a passion for holistic wellness, NEO Performance Lab was founded to redefine the fitness landscape. With a team steeped in both medical and fitness backgrounds, we're uniquely positioned to offer services that are both effective and safe. We're more than just a gym; we're a community. And we're committed to making every member feel like a part of our family.


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